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The United States Law Firm Group® (USLFG®) is a national network of 18 established U.S. law firms. Each independent firm is headquartered in a major city in one of the country's leading commercial states, and most have additional offices outside their home jurisdictions.

Variations in the laws and court systems of America's 50 states make knowledge of local and regional policies and practices essential. Every USLFG® firm has many years of experience in its own region and is able to refer clients to other member firms to satisfy the clients' specific requirements throughout the country.

Members of USLFG's 15 committees meet frequently, and confer even more frequently by telephone and e-mail, regarding current legal and practice developments in virtually every area of local, regional, national and international law. The member firms, each of which is a separate entity, have worked with each other for three decades and now have over 6,000 lawyers in 172 offices in 96 cities situated in 31 states, the District of Columbia and 6 foreign countries. USLFG's 18 trustees meet twice each year to consider law firm management, operations and other matters.

Outside the United States, various USLFG® firms have offices and all firms have extensive experience with lawyers and law firms around the globe.

For further information or when you wish to retain counsel, contact any Trustee or the Executive Director.

Note that the United States Law Firm Group®, Inc. is an Ohio nonprofit corporation whose trustees and committee members meet periodically to exchange ideas and experiences relating to law firm management, operational and other issues affecting law firms and regarding legal developments in a variety of practice areas. Each of the firms is a separate entity that performs its own work independently for its clients and is solely responsible for the quality of its work.

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